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ARRL QST 1997 June

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ARRL QST 1997 June
"It Seems to Us...": A New Tool for Enforcement?9
DC Currents15
Wisconsin Senator Russell Feingold reintroduces a bill allowing local authorities to control illegal CD operators. This time the Senator talked with Wisconsin amateurs and the ARRL first...
Steve Mansfield, N1MZA
Broadbanding the Arecibo Dish28
A close-up look at one of the world's most powerful radio telescopes.
Robert K. Zimmerman, NP4B
The Microwatter33
Combine this little meter with a signal generator and use it to characterize crystal and LC filters, perform on-air field-strength checks, measure antenna patterns and much more.
Denton Bramwell, K7OWJ
SO What's New in the Newest ARRL Antenna Book?36
More than a new edition - it's a whole new book!
R. Dean Straw, N6BV
High-Efficiency Class-E Power Amplifiers - Part 239
It's time to build the amplifier power supply and generate some wattage!
Eileen Lau, KE6VWU; Kai-Wai Chiu, KF6GHS; Jeff Qin, KF6GHY; John Davis, KF6eDB; Kent Potter, KC6OKH;
Try a Twelfth-Wave Transformer43
An innovative approach to impedance matching.
Darrel Emerson, AA7FV/G3SYS
The 12 Volt Pup: A DC Generator You Can Build45
Need a generator for Field Day? It might be as close as your lawn mower.
Yaniko Palis, VE2NYP
The Crash of ComAir Flight 327249
Michigan hams spring into action in the wake of a tragic airline accident.
Gerald Gomes Jr. WB8RNY; Mike Karmol, N8KUF; and Larry Linder, KB8AIZ
The Doctor is IN55
Getting acquaintes with the Battle Creek Special, mystery transformers, the need for PC speed, satellite frequencies, more.
Let'sTalk Transmission Lines57
Don't sell yourself short! The most expensive radios and antennas in the world are worthless without the right transmission lines.
Edwaard J. Farmer, AA6ZM
Position Reporting with APRS60
APRS is the hot topic in amateur packet radio. Find out why!
Richard Parry, W9IF
Tallyho 6 Meters!64
Discover the excitement of sporadic E on the "magic band."
Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Product Review66
QST peeks under the hoods of the Ten-Tec Centaur linear amplifier, the AOR AR7030 communications receiver, and the Radio Shack 21-527 digital SWR/power meter.
Rick Lindquist, N1RL
ARRL calls on FCC to privatize handling of malicious interference complaints; VHF poineer Ed Tilton, W1HDQ, SK; FCC issues changes in Amateur Radio rules and proposes vanity license fee hike; SAREX/ARISS working group attempting to reschedule QSOs; much m
Rick Lindquist, N1RL
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