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73 Amateur Radio March 1986

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73 Amateur Radio March 1986
Japan's Hush-Hush Rushbox9
These units were ordered destroyed after WWll, but a few fell into the hands of collectors. Now, after 40 years, PA0SE analyzes the Imperial Army's secret radio
Halt That Hum!17
That annoying ac hum is robbing you of pleasure. Fix it in an hour with WA4WDL's seven-piece filter
Faster Than A Patch, It's Speed Dialer20
Dial home while driving by simply pushing a single button on the microphone
Don't Be A Kamikaze!30
The Hara- Kiri Box is an improvement on the suicide cord that's still dangerous, but it's a lot safer than the cord
132 Extra Memories for Your FT-I07M32
At three cents a piece, why not?
Inside CoCo's ROMpak36
Store your favorite Color Computer programs in ROM-and never type "Load" again
Build A Digital IC Trainer40
A great helper for testing components, as well as experimentation and circuit development
Get Organized Today With Argo's Helper44
If your present QRP station is comprised of a half-dozen black boxes interconnected with several cables, then th is may be the construction project for you
Instruction Instructions50
Discover hidden savings in the last place you'd ever look-the instruction manual
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