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73 Amateur Radio August 1985

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73 Amateur Radio August 1985
The Downunda Project: Part I14
Stone the crows! This fair dinkum 2m transceiver from Australia really scores a six!
Harmonic-Free QRP?29
Avoid an FCC pink slip by measuring second-harmonic power with the ZS6UP reactance load
World War Wireless32
What can you do with a pencil, a razor blade, a paper clip, and a hank of wire? Why, build a radio, of course!
Instant ATV!36
W8CHK breaks through the mystique surrounding fast-scan television. You won't believe how easy it can be!
Modification Mania!42
Here are not five, not ten, but fifteen ways to perk up your HW-401
Hunt the Auto-Fox48
Has your transmitter-hunting gone sour? DFers will love chasing this wily box, and its variable skill levels give them a run for their money
Surviving the Unthinkable: Part III52
WA8YKN outlines simple precautions that will allow your radio equipment to survive an electromagnetic pulse
Scope That Signal56
Are you over-modulating? Is your linear linear? Find out with a station monitor you've built from scratch
A Scavenger's Radio66
Using it is easier than building it
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