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73 Amateur Radio February 1985

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73 Amateur Radio February 1985
VIC RTTY Resource12
Is your VIC-20 ready for RTTY? Make it happen with N5ALE's foolproof software!
Satellite Supremacy18
Sometimes 15 Watts just doesn't cut it with OSCAR 10. The solution? Use W2GEF's 60-Watt uplink amp-stripline construction makes building it a snap!
CB to Six22
Why stop at 10 meters? KB5LF's Hy-Gain conversion will take you to VHF just as easily
Future Schlock30
The strange tale of the KA5S experiment. Was he a genius or a madman?
Swr: A Modern Myth?32
From rig to radials, noted expert W6YUY reveals the path to a perfect antenna system. Be ready for a few surprises
Ollie's Folly42
Circular polarization on HF? A forty meter helix with oil-drum forms? W1ZB's signal runs rings around the rest. Folly, indeed!
Build a Better Box44
Most hams cram their circuits into any old case that's handy, but a little planning can turn a so-so project into a master-piece of packaging
Super Surplus Surprise54
It's super: 50 Watts on 160,80,40, and 30 meters! It's surplus: That means inexpensive! It's the GRC-9: Still surprised?
The Texas Trans-Tester60
Here's how to measure small-signal gain with a transistor checker you've built from scratch
IC-703 Ham Radio
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