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73 Amateur Radio August 1984

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73 Amateur Radio August 1984
Top-Notch Tuner Time8
Can't get your signal out of the backyard? Build KC2NT's antenna matcher and hear what you've been missing
Cheap Power Ploy10
This rugged supply will give you more power than you ever dreamed possible. Have we gone too far this time?
Penn's Two-Tone Gadget21
Clue one: We're talking about lab quality. Clue two: Get your junk box
Yaesu, Icom Graft Revealed32
Splice Icom's headset to Yaesu's talkie and discover handle happiness
Stare-Way to Heaven34
At the Arecibo observatory, the sky's the limit. Who said size doesn't matter?
Counter-Productive Basics: Part I40
Digital needn't be difficult. Let K41PV guide you through the fundamentals of frequency counting
Messing With Heath46
This 101 control mod proves fun and easy with frequency. Your rig deserves it
AMTOR How-To62
FEC? ARQ? Don't panic. Timely advice from the father of AMTOR takes the confusion out of our newest mode
Picture-Perfect Audio Filters66
Throw away that antique breadboard and scope. Let your Apple II peak and tweak a soft circuit instead
Top-Band Power Punch70
Sick of 5-2 reports on 160? Build this knockout kilowatt amp and make it 59 every time
IC-V8000 Ham Radio
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