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Opto OS456 vs. CE-232 [message #83] Sun, 29 October 2006 01:09
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> In article (Tom Crites) wrote:

> ** Can anyone give me any insight on the differences between the
> ** Opto OS456 and the CE-232 scanner computer interface boards. I see
> ** more written on the OS456 and was wondering, for $100 more, is
> ** the OS456 worth the difference.
> **
> ** Tom

> They are similar in that they allow computer control of the PRO200x series
> radios. The OS456 plugs in to existing connectors, and requires no
> soldering. The CE232 does require some soldering and chip pulling, but is
> not all that bad.

Each has its own reasons for having. The Ce 232 is a kit that you will have to build or have built. The Opto is manufactured as a uaer installed component.

CE-232 (HB232)

Controls all button functions and receives information from the display of your radio, which is passed to your computer. Controls 4 additional user contacts and more. Radio operations can be controled directly from radio keyboard, computer keyboard or script commands. Very configureable but requires some programming experience, soldering ability. No chip pulling required.
Limited to memory channels available on the radio, and speed of radio and computer. Software has not been upgraded for some time. Has some bugs and many limitations.
Supports Vader Recorder

> Operationally the biggest difference is that the CE232 will allow you to
> upload and download channels to the radio for use when the computer is not
> connectedc, while the OS456 will not. That means that you can load a
> specific channel plan before a trip, and throw the radio in the car, and
> when you return, you can UL a totally different channel plan. The OS456
> will not allow you to do this.
>OPTO 456/535

Radio operations are normal while computer cotrol is turned off. When the computer it takes full control of the radio. Only Volume, Squelch, Sound Squelch and Light can be manipulated. Button presses are not recognized. Display is blank. Can control speaker and Record contacts (supllied with interface). Various software programs are available that control all types of scanning many not limited by radio function. Can scan by signal strength and PL tones also decodes and logs DTMF (touchtones).
Scans as fast as 50 cps with the 456 and 80 cps for the 535. No memory limitations. No delay limitations. Spectrum analysis available with some software vendors. 5 vendors create software with latest versions demoed (except PROBE). Cannot program radio for use without computer as with CE-232.

I own both, 232 in one radio and 456 in another. I plan to remove the 232 and make it portable to both the 2006's and the Pro 43. The 232 will only write to the Pro 43 and cannot work in conjunction with the 456. This is due to the fact that when the 456 takes over control the buttons and the display are not functional, which is what the 232 requires to operate. But... with the use of some software a database can be created that the 232 can use to load channals in the radios. This is handy when a computer is not available to control the 456. Therfore the best of both worlds.

Good luck and decide on both, but I rate the OPTO456 miles above on usability with the use of tone scanning, and signal strength scanning and no memory limitations. Plus I drive around with a laptop to control my 456 while mobile

Scott Sykes
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