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BC2500XLT Cellular Mod [message #53] Fri, 28 April 2006 23:02
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I have never tried this mod. I have one page which I received from Grove about this modification for cellular restoration.

The page notes that the modification may not be really necessary, because you can still hear the cellular communications in the image frequencies 21.6 MHz higher that the true cellular ranges. Thus, you will hear cellular calls in the 894.01 to 915.60 MHz range on your BC2500XLT without modification.

If you really want to do the modification, here are the step-by-step directions. Most of what follows is copied verbatim from the Grove sheet, which does not have a copyright notice on it. Therefore, I'm bassuming it's OK.

1. Remove the antenna and battery pack from the BC2500XLT. Lay it on its face on a soft cloth or towel, bottom of the radio facing you. Remove the two upper (black) and two lower (chrome) screws.

2. Carefully pry the back loose from the radio and lift it off. Similarly, grasp the visible circuit board by the edges and carefully pull it away from the radio just far enough to separate it from the white (11 pin) Molex connector. Do not stretch the remaining ribbon connector. Lay the board alongside the radio.

3. Locate microprocessor chip "UNIDEN UC-1513A", the speaker, and the battery terminals. Below the microprocessor and above the speaker and battery terminals, locate the cluster of chip resistors marked "104". Using a magnifier and fine-point soldering iron, unsolder the lower-left-most chip resistor and move it one place to the left, soldering it in place.

Cellular restoration is now complete. Rebassemble the radio by reversing steps 1 and 2, and test it by entering 879.990 MHz. Search steps in this range will be the correct 30 kHz.

As I said, I have not tried this modification, so I can't testify to whether it really works. Grove states that Grove Enterprises bassumes no responsibility for damages or other liability resulting from attempting to duplicate this procedure. It is possible (probable?) that this modification may void your warranty.

Also keep in mind that there are at least two versions of the BC2500XLT. I don't know whether these modification applies to all versions.

Finally, the obligatory note to remind you that monitoring mobile telephone conversations, including cellular, is against federal law.
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