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2 JBL PRX515 (15" 2 - Way Self-Powered Sound)-------300 Euro
2 JBL PRX518S (18" Self Powered Subwoofer System)-------360 Euro

Denon DN-X900 Professional 19" Analog/Digital Mixer-------260 Euro
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Rane MP 2016a 6-Channel Rotary Mixer-------560 Euro
Rane TTM 57SL Performance Mixer with Serato Scratch-------530 Euro
Rane TTM 56 Performance Mixer-------350 Euro
Rane MP 4 Rackmount DJ Mixer-------230 Euro
Stanton M.505 12" Club Mixer with 5 Input Channels-------230 Euro
Stanton CM.205 CD / MP3 Player with Mixer-------210 Euro
Behringer BCD2000 B-Control Deejay-------150 Euro
Behringer Refurbished VMX1000 Pro DJ Mixer-------180 Euro
Behringer DJX700 5-Channel Pro DJ Mixer-------120 Euro
Hercules DJ Console MK2 Dual Deck DJ Mixer-------180 Euro
Urei 1605 DJ Club Mixer-------350 Euro
Urei 1601 Digital Scratch Mixer-------180 Euro
Mackie d.2 2-Channel DJ Mixer-------250 Euro
PCDJ DAC-3 Digital Audio Controller-------250 Euro
American Audio Q-Spand PRO 4-Channel DJ Mixer-------180 Euro

Akai MPC1000 Music Production Center-------350 Euro
Akai MPC4000-Plus - 64 Voice Sampling Drum Machine-------1300 Euro
Akai Akai MPC2500 Music Production Center-------700 Euro
Akai MPC2000XL-MCD Production Station-------480 Euro
Akai MPC500 MIDI Production System/Sampler-------200 Euro
Roland SP-404 Portable Power Sampler with FX-------150 Euro
Roland Fantom-XR Sound Module-------500 Euro
Roland VK-8M Organ Sound Module-------280 Euro
Roland SP-555 Creative Sampler Workstation-------160 Euro
Roland SonicCell 128-Voice Expandable Synth Module with Audio Interface-------240 Euro
Roland V-Synth XT Synthesizer-------700 Euro
Yamaha MOTIF ES Rack Module-------360 Euro
Yamaha VL70-M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generato-------150 Euro
Yamaha Refurbished Motif ES Rack Module-------260 Euro
Numark CDX Direct-Drive CD Turntable---------240 Euro
Numark TTX Direct-Drive Turntable-------180 Euro
Numark X2 Pro Hybrid Turntable And CD / MP3 Player-------480 Euro
Numark DVD01 Dual DVD Player-------340 Euro
Numark 5000FX 12" 5-Channel Tabletop Mixer-------300 Euro
Numark DXM09 Digital DJ Mixer-------220 Euro
Numark AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer with Effects-------500 Euro
Numark CM200USB 5-Channel 19" Rackmount DJ Mixer -------160 Euro
Numark DXM06 2-Channel Digital Mixer-------180 Euro
Numark iDJ 2 DJ Console for the iPOD-------300 Euro
Numark NuVJ Video Mixer-------180 Euro
Numark CM100 Club Series DJ Mixer-------140 Euro
Gemini CDT-05 Professional Hybrid CD/Turntable Combo-------230 Euro
American Audio Velocity Professional Dual CD/MP3 Player-------320 Euro
Cortex dMIX-300 Digital Music Control Station-------240 Euro
B-52 Prodigy FX DJ Workstation-------480 Euro

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Sale Manager.

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wanna great idea. Like it.

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