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Enhanced Willem Programmer [message #48] Tue, 04 April 2006 01:46
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I purchased an Enhanced Willem Programmer to read and program chips. It is probably one of the best programmers I have used yet. Although I do wish the documentation was better! If anyone is looking for a programmer that will program PIC chips, I recommend this programmer. Of course before purchasing, make sure it will handle the chips you are looking to program.

In order to use this programmer to program some PIC chips, you do need to use the ICSP pins. The easiest way i think would be to get a 5 pin connector (to match the ICSP header on the PCB) and a 28 or 40 pin socket. Solder the 5 wires to the connector then solder the other sides to the chip socket in the right order (of course).


Here is the 5pin ICSP header to a 28 pin PIC chip's connection:

Vpp <--------> Pin 1
Vdd <--------> Pin 20
GND <--------> Pin 19
RB7 <--------> Pin 28
RB6 <--------> Pin 27

Here is the 5pin ICSP header to a 40 pin PIC chip's connection:

Vpp <--------> Pin 1
Vdd <--------> Pin 32
GND <--------> Pin 31
RB7 <--------> Pin 40
RB6 <--------> Pin 39

Here is the 5pin ICSP header to a 18 pin PIC chip's connection:

Vpp <--------> Pin 4
Vdd <--------> Pin 14
GND <--------> Pin 5 (Vss)
RB7 <--------> Pin 13
RB6 <--------> Pin 12

I hope this helps any newbies. Don't forget to look at the chip's datasheet though. It MAY or MAY NOT be different. It is always better to make sure the pinouts are the same. This Enhanced Willem Programmer is awesome! After reading most frustrated forum posters, I have come to realize that it is easier to get mad at someone else than to try to solve the problem. Most of the problems I have had with the programmer is LACK of documentation. Other than that, I have gotten it to read and program many different chips. Hats off to the developers of this programmer. It is very nice for the money! If anyone else finds this post helpful, PLEASE pbass it on. The documentation on these should be better written!


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